Who Are We

KNERGY WLL has been launched and established since 2020 in order to create a balanced health system.

We are distinguished by providing treatment through a balanced therapeutic diet using the science of therapeutic nutrition, which is a science that depends on diversifying the sources of natural foods in order to change the human lifestyle from bad eating habits and transform them into healthy eating habits and changing the lifestyle for the better.

We have an experienced team in the sciences of therapeutic nutrition for motivating him to meditate, breathe, exercise, commit to therapeutic nutrition and think positively in order to be able to achieve his ambitions in his personal and professional lives.

Starting Point

At every moment, scientists everywhere in the world are fighting to find better ways to live a healthy life and to improve the health of the human being in general to ensure that he lives his life in an optimal manner, and in this journey of research and investigation, man discovered many healing methods as well as creating the optimal daily routine to achieve this goal. However, this continuous scientific pursuit has reached one truth in the end that the person himself is the source of true information about his health and that the state of treatment and hospitalization must be his own, and a person cannot obtain a better health condition through any group treatment, rather it must be dedicated from postponed to reach his ideal state of health.

Hence, the whole world began to focus its health experiences and research towards a deeper knowledge of the health status of the individual person and to provide healing methods based on this information, for adequate health quality by dealing with each case separately, and when the world began to organize this new idea and present it to the public, Kuwait also began to present it through KNERGY Food Consulting..

The Philosophy

The philosophy of KNERGY is in line with the new global trend and allocates a customized health treatment for each body, where the human body contains a complete archive of its health history and physical performance, and it all resides in its cells and accordingly this journey where KNERGY first analyzes the tissues of the client's body or whoever wants life better health, to know the health situation and the performance of his internal organs and their treatment with the influences and factors that this person has gone through in order to analyze all the mineral elements and chemical accumulations in his cells, then this information is placed next to the person's physical data such as muscle mass and motor performance as well as weight, height and age information so that the company's experts have a picture a real, accurate person.

To begin the step of evaluation and setting up an appropriate rehabilitation program, whether nutritional, athletic, or supplementary, to bring this body to its ideal state according to its data is where this hospital vision is based on the main idea that the body has the greatest ability to recover from any diseases or inappropriate physical burdens in the event that this body is placed In its ideal state, balanced on all levels, so the body becomes strong from the inside to recover and reach the ideal performance..

Our Vision

To serve local, regional, and international communities through the discovery of methods in which foods’ bioactive components and physical exercises contribute to health and prevention of disease and through the accurate application of therapeutic nutrition knowledge to improve human health and well-being.

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Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every client through integrated therapeutic nutrition practice, education, and research. Our main aim is to help people make changes to their diets and improve their relationships with food.

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Our Values

To reinforce specific nutrition-related practices or behaviors to change habits that contribute to poor health by creating motivation for change among people and establishing desirable nutritious behavior to promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Our Services

KNERGY is a groundbreaking company, founded by a team of professionals with solid and varios experience.

Tissue Analysis Services

KNERGY has a well-equipped laboratory dedicated to taking samples and preparing them to be sent to one of the most specialized laboratories in the United States of America. Results take two weeks from the sample taking date until received.

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Muscular And Physical Evaluation

KNERGY has the latest devices to measure the customer's muscular capacity under the supervision of a specialized professional team. Body mass and weight will be measured in detail to combine them with the tissue analysis in the customer's profile.

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Consultation Services

A. Provide counseling for analyzing and comparing reports and developing a therapeutical or a healthy lifestyle improvement program..

B. Provide nutritional counseling to develop a custom-designed program based on customers’ data and weight loss goals. Our experts will build the program while relying on scientific facts and in compliance with international standards.

C. Provide consultations for explaining the nutritional supplements described in the tissue analysis report, if any are required. The specialist will go through the prescribed supplements with the customers, introducing their intake timing, modifying their schedule, and adding what might suit the person according to the rest of the reports to achieve the goal in the fastest time possible.

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Physical Therapy Services

KNERGY has an equipped & specialized gymnasium where customers can benefit of several sports programs like therapeutic sports, weightlifting, physical fitness, and slimming. Our team of specialists consists of professionals of the highest levels who personally develop the training programs and monitor the training sessions in person to guarantee good performance of the customers.
Our programs are designed to serve the following purposes:

  1. Treat various injuries
  2. Gain muscle mass
  3. Reduce/ remove bad fat
  4. Raise physical fitness
  5. Body contouring and skin tightening

The sports program design depends on the person’s health assessment and the desired goals.

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Natural Nutritional Supplements Services

KNERGY provides, through one of its subsidiaries, Med Diet Vegetarian Dietary Supplements Company, a full range of nutritional supplements to help reach a state of physical balance according to the person’s tissue analysis. Med Diet supplements are of high-standard, nature-made, and exported from credited sources, which help to achieve the desired goals in the best method. 

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Online Support & Assistance Services

KNERGY provides all its customers with a set of digital services to facilitate direct communication between the company and the customer anytime and anyplace; either through our mobile application on smart devices or the company’s website, where customers can seamlessly access the following information:

A. Tissue analysis reports
B. Body and muscles reports
C. The client's workout schedules and personal visit dates
D. Client's nutritional supplements schedule and diet, in addition to the specialist notes
E. Continuous communication with KNERGY team at any time, continuous notifications regarding the customer’s programs.

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Follow-up Steps

KNERGY is a groundbreaking company, founded by a team of professionals with solid and various experience

• Our team will set an appointment to take a head-hair sample for analysis. The client must not subject his hair to any chemical treatment or henna for at least two weeks before taking the sample

• Afterwards, our team will set an initial appointment to meet with the specialists within two weeks period, which is the time needed to receive the results from the credited laboratory in the United State of America.

• At the time of the visit and before meeting the specialist, our team will measure the customer’s body mass and muscle status using the latest technologies. The report will be sent alongside the hair report to the consultant.

• The consultant will go through the reports with the client and put together a full plan that includes:

  • Diet plan
  • Sports plan
  • Supplements plan

• Regular follow-up appointments will be set to monitor the client’s progress.

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